What is a Destination Divorce?

It's an uplifting and unconventional method of resolving the issues in a divorce, yet one that is founded in time-tested concepts of alternative dispute resolution.  It's everything that litigation isn't -- which is exactly why it works.


The concept is simple: All necessary information is collected and organized ahead of time by the very capable staff at Destination Divorces of Indiana, LLC.  Once all information has been gathered, a three-day weekend is scheduled which will take you away from all of the distractions of life for three days, to allow you to focus solely on the issues of your divorce and your future in a calm, relaxed, and pampered setting.  Your registered family law mediator, a licensed and practicing attorney, works with each of you individually, so that you do not have to work with your soon-to-be estranged spouse in the same room.

The Destination Divorce mediator assisting you through the process will mediate all issues of your divorce for the first two days of the weekend, allowing you to take full control over your own future and to brainstorm creative solutions that will fit your unique family.  All agreements that you make regarding your children, property, finances, tax issues, spousal maintenance, vehicles, and real estate will be reduced to writing in formal court-ready documents to be filed upon your return.

If there are any issues left after two days of mediating, your mediator will become your arbitrator, and will arbitrate the final issues.  This way, you are assured that all of your divorce issues will be finalized by the end of the three-day weekend.

The Destination Divorce process significantly reduces the high cost of traditionally litigating a divorce case, both in terms of the financial and emotional costs.  By agreeing in advance to the Destination Divorce process, there is no threat of litigation, no personal attacks, no court battles, no intrusive nor invasive discovery tactics, and no contradictory witnesses.  Information is collected and exchanged in a professional and business-like manner by your mediator, so that you do not have to work directly with your spouse.  You can decide to engage the Destination Divorce process at any point:  prior to filing or during your existing divorce litigation process.

Negotiation of settlement ideas is done in a creative, private and dignified setting.  Your final settlement will be specifically tailored to your individual situation, your specific circumstances, and your very unique family.

Yes, a Destination Divorce is different; but that is precisely one of the reasons that it works.  Parties who might spend months or years wrangling with paperwork, inter-lawyer battles and oneupmanship, and endless delays, spend just seventy-two hours in a luxurious location, away from the stresses of daily life, focusing only on their futures, and retaining the control they want and deserve.